Tuesday, June 30, 2009

We Are IN!!!

We have moved in and unpacked, well for the most part.

We have been very busy lately, we had an outdoor shower thrown by my Mom's office, followed by a shower thrown by friends of my Mom's. David's family came for the weekend which was our first full house experience.

Then everything hit home again as we suddenly lost my Grandfather on Tuesday, June 16. It was unexpected and took us all by surprise. We went to Florida for a few days to be with the family and pull together as we always do, we are the Mighty, Mighty Clam Clan.

David has been playing on a softball team and loving it....I keep score.

We also sent out our wedding invitations, which makes it real. Yep we are going to officially be The Stroud's on August 8! The wedding is getting close and we are trying to tie up lose ends. We finally got both wedding bands last week and now just waiting on the call that my dress is ready.

The above (and a few other things I didn't feel needed to be mentioned) are the reasons it has been so long since I blogged.

A few updated pictures of the house:

From upstairs looking into the foyer....thanks to our WONDERFUL neighbors The Devine's for painting this massive beast!

From the breakfast nook looking through the kitchen into the dining room. We did paint the kitchen, with some help from Lisa. The dining room is still a work in progress.

View from the porch into the backyard, this was from around February. Since this our trees have nicely filled in and blocked everything behind us.