Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I never thought I would give into this whole "blogging" idea, but there is a first time for everything.

I will soon be a Stroud (August 8, 2009) so why not go all out and become a blogger too!

David and I met about 7 years ago at Appalachian State University, Go Mountaineers!!! On our first date he cooked chicken parmigiana for me and my friend Elizabeth (who I brought with me as I was a little worried going to a guys apartment who I didn't know that well by myself).

Dinner was great, he even let me throw the noodles against the fridge to see if they were ready. We ate, sat around and talked for awhile, then left. David took this as I wasn't interested in dating him, but we still hung out as friends and talked on campus.

I graduated in May 2005 and moved back to Charlotte NC. Elizabeth graduated in May 2006 and I went back up to celebrate with her. Much to my surprise we went to Cafe Portofino (where David managed) for drinks with friends. I didn't know he still worked there but Elizabeth did, we had been there about 10 minutes when she saw him walking around. I wanted to go find him and say hi, she told me to wait on her and she would come with me. Before I could even turn around he was behind me. We gave each other a HUGE hug, to which Elizabeth said "I knew you guys still liked each other". We spent the rest of the night being laughed at by our friends because we couldn't stop smiling.

I started going up to Boone every weekend to see him until he graduated in December 2006 and moved to Charlotte to be with me. We lived with my parents for a few months until we found a place of our own. These are a few months we are very lucky to have had.

David got to know my parents really well during this time, especially my Papa (my Dad) who was the most AMAZING man in the world...I know that is a strong statement but you can ask anyone who knew him and they would agree. He was killed in a motorcycle accident in October 2007 (at the age of 55) when a 6 point buck t-boned his front tire. I can still hear my Mom's voice when she called me that night. Life hasn't been the same since, he was not only my hero but my very best friend, I told him everything (and for those of you who know me that is a lot....I am a bit of a talker). I always told him he had to listen b/c I got this trait from him, along with the fact that I tell the same story on average 3 times to the same person. He was a Mason to which we are very lucky as there is a huge support group for me and my family. We can use all the support we can get, never thought I would have to plan a wedding w/o my Papa by my side. I have learned you are never promised tomorrow so live each day to the fullest.***

We have been living in an apartment in Concord for about 3 years. Realizing we are getting married and are ready for more space we took the BIG leap and bought a house!!!!


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